Article Dump

In case you want some extra reading between Cyber Monday shopping, check out some of the articles I have published this fall!

My grandparent’s story on The Mighty: Alzheimer’s and the Long Goodbye

A debate on who works harder, stay at home moms or work out of the home moms on Parent.Co: Debate Club: A Different Take on the SAHM vs. WOHM “Battle”

Also on Parent.Co: Why I Cringe When People Tell Me I’m “lucky” to be a Stay at Home Mom.

Dispelling Equal Pay Myths on Parent.Co: After November 6th, Women are Essentially Working for Free.

An article on why teenagers can’t just fall asleep earlier on Parent.Co: AAP Study Says Teen Fatigue Is a Public Health Issue – Could Later School Start Times Help?

The reason I didn’t want my son to buy a purple coat on Mamalode: He Really Wants the Purple Coat.

My story of being discriminated against for being pregnant on Parent.Co: Know Your Rights: Pregnancy Discrimination Is Illegal

Why I wish my husband could have taken a longer paternity leave on Parent.Co: Paternity Leave is Essential to Building Healthy Families

And finally, the age old question on Parent.Co: How Much is a Stay-at-Home Mom Really “worth”?

Thanks for checking them out!




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