Do I go three months without posting articles I have written for other websites? Why, yes. Yes, I do.

For your reading pleasure:

It’s Time to Dress Like a Woman,” Mamalode, February 2017.

This Black History Month, Let’s Discuss the Pay Gap for Women of Color,” Parent.Co, February 2017.

16 Acts of Self-Care that can Help Change the World,” Parent.Co, February 2017.

What is the Value of an Education to a Stay at Home Mom?” Parent.Co, February 2017.

The Best Way to ‘Go Green?’ Go outside,” Parent.Co, February 2017.

Why I’m Raising My Sons to be Feminists,” Parent.Co, January 2017.

Paid Family Leave Would Actually Make Businesses Stronger,” Parent.Co, January 2017.

6 Resolutions We Hope Our Elected Officials Make This Year,” January 2017.

Is Part-Time Employment the Ideal Situation for Working Parents?” Parent.Co, January 2017.

A Lack of Paid Sick Leave in the U.S. Is a Public Health Concern,” Parent.Co, January 2017.

You Spend a Ton of Money on Child Care, So Why Are Caregivers so Poorly Paid?” Parent.Co, January 2017.

If You’ve been to One Family Holiday Party, You’ve been to them All.”

The Crock-Pot and the Promise of Having it all,” Parent.Co, December 2016.

7 Books that Teach Young Children about Racial and Social Justice,” Parent.Co, December 2016.

What I tell My Kids about Working Moms,”Parent.Co, December 2016.

Pumping at Work: Rights, Tips, and Tricks,” Parent.Co, December 2016.

How Much is a Stay-at-Home Mom Really Worth?,” Parent.Co, November 2016.

Paternity Leave is Essential to Building Healthy Families,” Parent.Co, November 2016.


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